SkyChee Ventures focuses on global investments that have both US and China opportunities. We create value by combining US and China markets with technology innovation and value-add services.

All of our partners have personally involved in business creation and startup ventures. We have lived through ups and downs of the startup and new business creation life-cycle and achieved successful outcomes. Our immense start-up experiences gave us the sympathy and respect for entrepreneurs, and taught us how to help them effectively.

We believe in partnering with startup founders to co-create the future success together - as a mentor, a co-founder, a board member or just as a friend. We are willing to roll up our sleeves and work with the company to build a great success together.

Out of our passions for entrepreneurship, we cover all stages of the investments. Even though we focus more on the early stage investment, Skychee Ventures has a number of funds covering the life cycle of a startup journey, ranging from early stage seed and angel investments, to A/B round of financing, to pre-IPO late stage investment and cross boarder M&A financing. In addition to financial backing, we have developed an ecosystem of talents and partnerships in China and around the world to enable our portfolio companies to build sales channels and gain revenue quickly.

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