Month: May 2017

Vinci The New Super Headphone | Music Meets Artificial Intelligence

Vinci may just revolutionize the headphone industry

First, the issue of having to carry your device (cell phone/music player) in your pocket or on an arm band is resolved with Vinci’s internal storage, touchscreen interface, and independent data through mobile internet and/or Wifi. This is truly the first of it’s kind for a headphone as it does not require additional third party devices and can be controlled via Amazon Alexa based voice assistant. Of course, Bluetooth connectivity is also available for those that want to use their phone for more of a personal experience.

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Muzen Wins 2017 CES Innovation Award

In a move that is bringing new quality to the experience of internet radio and audio streaming, Mr. Dejun Zeng, the passionate radio technologist known as the “Father of the Tube Amplifier” in China, is expanding his company, Muzen Audio Group, to the United States.

The company is premiering in the U.S. at CES, where they are receiving a 2017 CES Innovation Award for their new AM/FM/internet radio and Bluetooth speaker product (the fifth CES Innovation Award to be received by Mr. Zeng). With its vintage design, the internet radio product serves as a bridge from the past to the future.

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The $99 Peripheral that Turns Your Smartphone Into a Laptop

There’s a good chance your smartphone has more processing power than a 1985 Cray-2 Supercomputer. What it doesn’t have is a display big enough for a spreadsheet, or a keyboard good for more than cramped fumbling.

Enter the Superbook, currently available for $99 through a Kicksterter campaign. It looks like a slim laptop, but it doesn’t have its own storage or processor. Instead, it gets its power and data connection from your Android phone, via a simple USB cable and a free app. In addition to the keyboard and screen, the Smartbook has a battery, which will last 8 hours and actually charge your phone as you use it.

Together, a phone and the Smartbook are plenty for basic word processing, email, and web browsing—all most people really need.

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