Deepoon focuses on the industrialization of VR (virtual reality) technology. Deepoon has two major businesses: integrated hardware solution and content platform. Its founding team is made up of earliest core members from leading wearable computing devices, tech-experts and enthusiasts of VR technology labs. The team has worked on wearable computing, VR and AR (augmented reality) for more than ten years with strong intellectual properties. Deepoon has the completed set of knowledge assets covering: machine vision, graphics engine, optical engineering, industrial design, supply chain, and marketing. Deepoon’s headset has the best VR experiences in the Chinese market. The core features of it hardware have matched and partially transcended Oculus DK2. Deepoon also has the advantage in VR software and content platform. It has developed its own SDK solutions and the most active Chinese VR content platform called 3D bobo with hundreds of 3D movies, images, VR games and videos.


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