The first Smart Toilet Seat with the Intelligent Urinalysis System.

First time in the world, Motoilet™ put the medical-level Urinalysis system into a Smart toilet seat. The Smart Toilet Seat has presented 7 NIPs (National invention patents), and makes the perfect balance among daily functions, usage experience, and production cost.

The Motoilet™ Intelligent Toilet Seat has a very sensitive Intelligent Urinalysis System device, which can automatically echo-locate and absorb the urine drops, then analyze instantly. After analysis, a professional diagnosis report will be sent to user rapidly via the smart phone APP with experts’ recommendation. Motoilet™ could give an early warning for many serious diseases of liver, biliary and urinary system. In addition, it also has lots of comfortable functions such like heating system, warm water cleaning, wind drying, interactive lighting and remote control system, etc.

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